Designing and installing commercial kitchens in Bedford

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Here in the East Midlands in Bedfordshire we are working with a number of local businesses consisting of gastro pubs, primary schools and oriental restaurants. We have been working with our client to assist in the design of a practical and functioning kitchen for their organisation.

Whether your kitchen will be intended for a large, busy environment or a small space, we at Dine By Design will adapt your kitchen design plans to best suit the use of your kitchen service.

Constructing Your Bistro or Cafe’s Kitchen

When thinking about kitchen layouts there are often different dilemmas you face, such as where to put equipment or a piece of equipment having to go in a certain place. The setup of a large, practical kitchen is the key to a successful catering establishment. To make your bistro more of a success, you a workable and functioning kitchen.

Kitchen Equipment

Our experienced kitchen fitters in Harrowden, Bedford can install a range of essential appliances and bespoke kitchen equipment, including safety flooring, pasta cookers, salamanders, fryers and cold rooms as part of your custom design and catering equipment installation service. See fitters in Bedford.

Often we deal with customers who have specialist requirements and we use our expert knowledge and experience to create a personal service to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Maintaining Equipment

One of the most common triggers of commercial kitchen fires is caused by grease-filled air that can result in sudden combustion. In a kitchen where a lot of frying takes place there is a greater vulnerability which requires preventatives to be put into place.

The installation of an extractor fan can greatly reduce the risk of fires in the kitchen as long as routine maintenance is carried out. By frequently cleaning the fan and the kitchen surfaces around it the risk of a grease fuelled fire is halved.

Bedford price Plans

Due to many different factors within the kitchen space such as variations of extraction requirements, equipment specification levels and the size of the space we’re working with, the prices will vary.

Small Kitchen | £20,000 – £30,000Services

Approximate kitchen size; 12m²+

Medium Kitchen | £30,000 – £70,000

Approximate size of 25m²+.

Large Kitchen | £70,000+

Approximate size of 70m²+

To find out more about the price plans for your kitchen in the MK40 area, go to our price guide page.

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