Birmingham Kitchen Planning and Fitting

CAD Drawing System

cad drawingWe look at your menu, budget and available kitchen space, then using our expert knowledge to create a working kitchen to maximise your efficiency while optimising flow and space.

Any special requirements that you have will be taken into account and incorporated into the design. Our designers in Birmingham will create various concepts and layouts allowing alterations to be made taking into account the practicality of the kitchen space as well as your personal preferences. As each stage develops your CAD drawings will be kept to review at a later date if required.

Catering Equipment In Birmingham

With previous renovations in Smethwick, Birmingham we have found that one of the main priorities for a Birmingham school kitchen in the East Midlands is the equipment and the capacity of it. In a school the kitchen is used for a mass production of food meaning that the equipment installed must be big and the worktop space must be kept at the maximum in the design. Have a look at the services we provide in London.

For school kitchen designs we recommend a minimalist design in terms of the equipment you choose; stainless steel worktops, large upright fridges or cold rooms, combination ovens and extraction canopies. The equipment that will be in your kitchen is your decision although our experts will help you to make your kitchen an efficient workplace.

Ventilation Systemventilation system

The design element of the extraction system is broken down into three parts; the canopy, duct and fans. When designing and making your canopy we take many factors in to account.

Our island canopies cover cooking appliances that are in the centre of the kitchen and can be single or double sided. These can also be supported from the roof to maximise floor space. The extraction canopy helps to remove the heat, steam, smoke, food odours and gas fumes produced by the cooking process.

Servery Counters

An imperative part of the food service is ensuring that the food you cook, stays as you cooked it. Dine By Design can assist you in choosing the right equipment to keep the school meals in your school hot until the end of lunch. We have previously worked with many schools in the B10 area including; Moseley, King’s Heath, West Bromwich and Bordesley Green.

Make sure the hot cupboard is up to the job. Choose a unit that will heat up fast and recover temperature quickly after the door is opened. A forced-air heating and recirculation system should guarantee hot cupboards stay hot.

Kitchen Cleanliness

It is required that every commercial kitchen needs adequate hand washing and dish washing facilities readily available to its employees.

You csinkannot use the same sink to wash food as you do to wash the dishes due to the possible contamination implications, so ensure your hand sink is placed near or immediately by toilets, and easily accessible to staff in food preparation and dish washing areas.

Take a look at a school kitchen we have recently renovated in the Birmingham area.

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