Quality fitted kitchen design and installation In Leicester

The Design

flow planHere in Wigston, Leicestershire we are working with a number of local businesses consisting of buffet restaurants, staff canteens and care homes. We have been working with our clients to assist in the design of a practical and functioning kitchen for their organisation.

Whether your kitchen will be intended for a large, busy environment or a small space, we at Dine By Design will adapt your kitchen design plans to best suit the use of your kitchen service.

The kitchen You Want at the Right Price in Leicester

The final detailing can make your restaurant or cafe kitchen design go from practical to efficient. One of our main considerations when designing your kitchen is ensuring health and safety regulations are followed. For example our catering kitchen ventilation systems are designed to assist in the safety of your kitchen.

Food Service Counters

serving stationAn imperative part of the food service is ensuring that the food you cook, stays as you cooked it. Dine By Design in the LE1 area can assist you in choosing the right equipment to keep your guests food from kitchen to serving station to table.

Choose a unit that will heat up fast and recover temperature quickly after the door is opened. A forced-air heating and recirculation system should guarantee hot cupboards stay hot.

Fire Suppression Requirements and Preventatives

All of the points above are taken into account to specify the most cost effective system, whether you are in need of a wall, island or condense canopy.

Fire suppression must be discussed when designing your extraction system. A variety of systems can be beneficial to your set up as well as a preventative to fires in the working environment.

Kitchen Cleanliness

washing areaIt is required that every commercial kitchen needs adequate hand washing and dish washing facilities readily available to its employees in the East Midlands.

You cannot use the same sink to wash food as you do to wash the dishes due to the possible contamination implications, so ensure your hand sink is placed near or immediately by toilets, and easily accessible to staff in food preparation and dish washing areas.

Take a look at a school kitchen we have recently renovated in the Anstey, Leicester area.

Have a look at the services we provide in Milton Keynes.

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