Building new kitchens in Oxfordshire since 2006

Catering kitchen Design and install service in Oxford for restaurants, hotel & cafes etc.

Bespoke Design

Here at Dine By Design we work with a number of clients in the South East in Oxfordshire which include bistro’s, cafe & deli’s, care homes and restaurants.

Our Commercial Kitchen Design team can provide you with a complete restaurant, school, care home, industrial and many other kitchen design plans to suit your organisation in Grandpont and New Hinksey. We offer 2D and 3D CAD drawings for both kitchen refurbishments and new-build kitchens.

The kitchen you want at the right priceCounter_aufsaetze

The final detailing can make your restaurant or hotel kitchen design go from practical to efficient. One of our main considerations when designing your kitchen is ensuring health and safety regulations are followed. For example our catering kitchen ventilation systems are designed to assist in the safety of your kitchen.

Strategic Finance Planning

The Oxford team of retail kitchen designers and installers can offer expert advice and solutions which can meet both your specific budget and requirements across OX1.

Whether your requirement includes a range of catering equipment such as industrial dishwashers, ovens, food servery counters, salamander grills, and commercial pizza ovens or your needs require more practical aspects such as cold rooms, freezer rooms and commercial kitchen canopy’s, our team will work with you to prioritise and design. Read more about installation:DSC_8206

Ventilation Canopy

The design element of the extraction system is broken down into three parts; the canopy, duct and fans. When designing and making your canopy we take many factors in to account.

Our island canopies cover cooking appliances that are in the centre of the kitchen and can be single or double sided. These can also be supported from the roof to maximise floor space. The extraction canopy helps to remove the heat, steam, smoke, food odours and gas fumes produced by the cooking process.

Oxford Kitchen Installation

Often we deal with customers who have specialist requirements and we use our expert knowledge and experience to create bespoke designs, equipment and personal service to ensure everything runs smoothly when installing your industrial kitchen in Oxford.

We are unique in the way that we offer commercial kitchen installations not only for designs that we have drawn, but also any others that our customers may already have. Have a look at the services we provide in Bedford.

Client Aftercare

We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest growing commercial kitchen suppliers not only in Oxford but across the UK. We combine our services to provide you with an all inclusive solution. By providing the complete service of design with installations, complete with aftercare, we can get your business, hotel, care home or hospital operating with the minimum of down time.

Please call 01604 926 003 or contact us or read a case study on how we can help local businesses in Oxford.

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