Constructing and Designing Your Bespoke Kitchen in Watford

Flow Plan of Your Kitchen Space

flow planWe follow a process to make sure service in your kitchen will run as smoothly as it possibly can. The space shall be designed so that there is a continuous progression of food from delivery to storage, through to preparation and the finished product, avoiding cross contamination.

With the space available for your hotel kitchen Croxley Green, Watford, it is important to plan around the service points e.g. gas, electric and water. Another important aspect that must be assessed is to storage space and preparation worktops.

Kitchen Installation In Watford

Often we deal with customers in Chandler’s Cross who have specialist requirements and we use our expert knowledge and experience to create bespoke designs, equipment and personal service to ensure everything runs smoothly when installing your industrial kitchen in the East of the country.

We are unique in the WD1 area in the way that we offer commercial kitchen installations not only for designs that we have drawn, but also any others that our customers may already have.

Ventilation System

canopyThe design element of the extraction system is broken down into three parts; the canopy, duct and fans. When designing and making your canopy we take many factors in to account.

Our island canopies cover cooking appliances that are in the centre of the kitchen and can be single or double sided. These can also be supported from the roof to maximise floor space. The extraction canopy helps to remove the heat, steam, smoke, food odours and gas fumes produced by the cooking process. Have a look at the services we provide in Oxford.

Maintaining Equipment

One of the most common triggers of commercial kitchen fires is caused by grease-filled air that can result in sudden combustion. In a kitchen where a lot of frying takes place there is a greater vulnerability which requires preventatives to be put into place.

The installation of an extractor fan can greatly reduce the risk of fires in the kitchen as long as routine maintenance is carried out. By frequently cleaning the fan and the kitchen surfaces around it the risk of a grease fuelled fire is halved.

Price Guide

Small Kitchecompleted kitchenn (12m2+) | £20,000 – £30,000

Medium Kitchen (25m2+) | £30,000 – £70,000

Large Kitchen (70m2+) | £70,000+

Due to many different factors within the kitchen space such as variations of extraction requirements, equipment specification levels and structural finishes prices will vary so contact one of our advisors in Bushey, Watford to work out a price plan for your kitchen.

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