Dine By Design’s involvement in Elsie’s Kitchen charity food project

We fully support Elsie’s with the great work they do by using food that has been damaged or gone past its best before date but is perfectly safe to eat.

Each day a huge amount of food is dumped in landfill sites by major supermarkets and catering outlets. Elsie’s have got kitchens throughout the UK operating to reduce food waste by using these ingredients to create great meals for people from all kinds of backgrounds, from the homeless to anybody who wants to make a difference due to all the food waste created daily.

Waitrose have recently committed to supplying Elsie’s too which is great news.

As recognition for all the good work Elsie’s charity do, we at Dine by Design have donated the latest induction cooking station. Further to our support we will be supporting them with maintaining the kitchen.

In picture: Emily- Chef, A. McCutcheon – Councilor, Steve Crouch – Dine By Design.

“A big thank you to Steve Crouch from Dine by Design who organised the installation and has donated us the induction cooking unit. We are so lucky to have such amazing support, thank you both for all your help.”

Shena – Founder Elsie’s Cafe

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