Is your school affected by contract caterer stopping?

Running a school in itself comes with immense challenges and difficulties – added to this pressure; your school meal provider is coming to an end – what now?

We believe passionately in continuing the provision of healthy balanced, nutritious school meals to children across the country.  Often the question on every head teachers’ mind when faced with this unexpected dilemma is “What do we do?”

One option is to continue with your finishing kitchen or POD and find a new food provider that you are confident will be reliable and provide you with the healthy meals for your school.  However, as you are probably aware already; you are restricted in the control of this with regards to menus, volume and portion sizes.  Often the portion sizes are the same for a 4 year old as they are for a 10 year old for example.  Realistically, the younger is likely to waste part of their meal.

The other option is to explore the possibilities an onsite kitchen offers for delivering the wider curriculum. For example, giving your children the opportunity in lessons to make the dough, which can later be baked into their bread rolls for lunch.   If this is the vision you have in mind, then this is an exciting opportunity to make this reality for your school by installing its own kitchen.  Remember – though an initial capital investment will be needed to install a commercial kitchen, it is generally cheaper to produce meals in-house, whether from scratch or regenerated, rather than relying on daily hot transported meals.

Naturally with any change, there can be some issues to overcome, such as possible planning consents that you may have never had to deal with before or not knowing what equipment is required within a school kitchen to provide the type of food that you wish to offer the children.  Dine By Design specialise in all aspects of the commercial kitchen and therefore we are the ideal solution to address your needs and guide you through the process, giving you the peace of mind that the continuation of meal provisions to your pupils will be fulfilled.

Let DineForce talk to you about the services we can provide, the early stages are often the best time to start establishing exactly what is required to be able to plan and design your school commercial kitchen.

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