Residential Home Kitchens

10 years in creating perfectly operational RESIDENTIAL HOME KITCHENS

From concept to finalization, we skilfully produce residential home kitchen design maximising your output and delivering a quick installation or kitchen refurbishment.

With our range of expertise within commercial catering as an entity, we can efficiently establish the right resolution and commercial kitchen design for your residential home or care home ensuring that a working environment to maximise efficiency while optimising flow and area specific to your kitchen space is achieved.

Call Dine By Design on 01604 926 003 and ask to speak to Steve who is a professional of commercial design and you be the judge of just how good we can be for your business.

Residential Home kitchen design ideas that keep on working.

Most important design elements for residential homes to consider include:

  • Food service requirement: number of diners to seat/style of service and menu
  • Our bespoke equipment fabrication can make best use of working areas and be the best solution to meet your needs..
  • Accurate budget plan: we help our clients create realistic budgets then keep within costs as they are a key indicator for our kitchen designer to be able to work around.
  • Health and Safety regulations, Environmental Health and other relevant regulations are met
  • Catering equipment specifications such as ovens, fridges etc
  • Available power supplies

Catering for your needs, look at our case studies and testimonials that back up our words.

We appreciate that space may be limited and some of which is required front of house.  The need for hot and cold food counters and displays, industrial dishwasher and refrigeration along with your catering equipment are to be name but a few that are competing for space.

We pride ourselves in often thinking outside of the box and coming up with fresh and innovative ideas to create your perfect well-planned kitchen that will save time and effort in food preparation and reducing cross contamination and creating a safe and pleasant working environment, while constantly adhering to all health and safety regulations and legislations.

We aim to have your project fully complete in an agreed time scale and budget to minimise down time in your operation, therefore ensuring profits remain steady.

Creating your new kitchen using our unique Dine By Design 10 step design process – call us today to find out how this will help you!

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