Catering Equipment

How do I choose the correct equipment?

At Dine By Design, we specialise in advising and supplying the best value catering equipment to suit your budget and style of cooking.  As experienced kitchen equipment planners, (some ex chefs) we can help to provide you with high performance, value for money, quality kitchen equipment ranges. Choose the correct equipment and you will maximize your food output.

When it comes to a commercial kitchen, there are 3 types of equipment you will need to consider; cooking, refrigeration and ware washing equipment.

How do I choose the correct equipment for my commercial kitchen?

  • What energy source is available for running your catering equipment? Natural gas, LPG gas or electric.
  • What energy service points do I need for my commercial kitchen? Size of gas pipe or electric supply?
  • Will I need a specialist kitchen ventilation system?
  • Will my extraction canopy need mechanical air and gas interlock?
  • Have you decided what menus need cooking?
  • Does my menu affect what cooking equipment I will need?
  • What benefits would I get from energy efficient equipment?
  • Does my frozen and chilled storage need to be close to the cook line?

And the list goes on……………. All these questions and many more, we at Dine By Design are here to help.

1. Cooking Equipment

At Dine By Design we understand the importance of speed and quality in a commercial kitchen. Every item of food has a preferred method of cooking. However, the quality of cooking you are trying to achieve can vary with the method. This is why at Dine By Design we discuss your menu with you to try to understand what kind of food cooking methods best suit your business. From baking to steaming, we can find the right equipment for you.

2. Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigeration is a crucial part of the commercial kitchen. However, this can be the most difficult piece of equipment to place within the commercial kitchen set up. At Dine By Design we concentrate on how the flow of your kitchen works and specify the most suitable form of refrigeration for your establishment.

3. Commercial Ware washing

We tailor the ware washing equipment with the volume of covers you wish to achieve per hour. This helps us to supply you with the most suitable and cost saving ware washing unit for your business.

4. Leasing

This is also a popular option for most catering establishments. Leasing the equipment allows you to have the catering equipment you desire for a monthly amount.

For advice on the most suitable catering equipment for your business, please call one of our friendly advisers on 01604 926 003 to discuss your requirements. Or alternatively fill out a call back and we will call you back at a convenient time to you.

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