Cooking Equipment

How do I decide what I need?

Our cooking equipment choices are of a wide variety, all with the option of gas, electric or LPG.

We have close relationships with all leading manufactures which allows us to use very competitive prices. Choosing the correct cooking equipment for your kitchen all boils down to what menu you are working with, at DineForce we use your menu to specify the best equipment for the style of cooking you are looking to serve;

Combination Ovens

These ovens offer three methods of cooking: steam, hot air and a combination of both. Combination ovens come in various sizes to suit any commercial kitchen and are energy efficient.

Convection ovens

Convection ovens have extensive advantages for commercial kitchens. The fan feature of the oven circulates hot air resulting in more even cooking, browning and crisping whilst shortening cooking times by around 25%.

Pasta cookers

Can be used for cooking noodles, vegetables and sous vide cooking as well as pasta. This cooker uses gas heat or electric elements to rapidly boil water and cook any type of pasta to perfection every time.

Pizza ovens 

Depending on the volume you are looking to achieve there are a variety of options including Single Deck, Twin Deck, Triple Deck & Conveyor Belt commercial Pizza Ovens.

Induction Units

Are the fastest and most energy efficient way to heat and cook food, with the magnetic fields providing precise temperature control. Their flat surface and fast cool down time makes them easy to clean and safer for front of house cooking.


An essential tool for any busy commercial kitchen, salamander grills are ideal for grilling sandwiches, vegetables or meat, quickly and efficiently.


The staple cooking machine for any busy commercial kitchen thanks to its high output and great compatibility.


Deep-fat fryer’s are extremely useful in a commercial kitchen. Any food cooks in the top two inches of oil, which can be heated up to 200 degrees Celsius.

If you are thinking of having a commercial kitchen designed and installed, modified or need to upgrade your equipment, please request a call back or give us a call, we will see how we can help to make the most of your budget.  Get in touch with Dine By Design on 01604 926 003 today.

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