What type of refrigeration units are available?

With any food service business; from hectic restaurants to busy school canteens, refrigeration is compulsory.

With a vast amount of refrigeration types in the industry, getting the correct specification is vital to saving energy costs and being compliant with food safety laws. Our close relationship with the top refrigeration companies, we can offer the best commercial refrigeration units manufactured by Foster, Williams and Gram.

Under counter refrigeration

Maximize your space with our under counter refrigerators, under counter freezers and worktop refrigeration. We offer these in one, two and three door units. We also offer a wide range of draw refrigeration, ideal for incorporating in the cook line.

Upright refrigeration

Provides you with a larger amount of storage space and is used as a more long term food storage unit.

Cold Rooms

Commercial cold rooms are suitable for both internal and external use. Depending of the space available, this could be an ideal way to extend your kitchen. If you are restricted for space within your commercial kitchen, an external cold room could be an ideal solution.

Legislation’s for commercial refrigeration

There already is a large amount of legislation concerning the environment, sustainability and climate change. And all of this is set to increase over the next few years with legislation ever changing. The new legislation is created to encourage good practice and penalise poor performance. We have taken every care to keep up with the legislation changes to ensure we provide you with the correct refrigeration that will be compliant for years to come. We actively keep a good communication system with refrigeration professionals to ensure we stay ahead of legislation’s and are able to inform our customers of changes that will directly affect them.

New energy labeling on its way

As seen with domestic refrigeration, the lettering energy rating will soon be applied to commercial refrigeration. It is based on a new EU ECO-design requirement which sets Minimum Energy Performance standards for commercial refrigeration cabinets sold within the EU. This means all products which consume energy above the minimum level will not be able to be sold within the EU from 1st July 2016.

Legislation’s that affect commercial refrigeration are listed below:

  • Carbon reduction commitment
  • Climate change act
  • Ozone depleting substances regulations
  • Hazardous waste regulations
  • F-gas regulations
  • Energy services directive
  • WEEE Directive

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