Complete Turnkey Project Management

At ‘Dine by Design’ we specialise in complete Turnkey Commercial Kitchen installations.

The application of our unique 10 step design process assists considerably in determining for our customers the most efficient New or Refurbished Commercial Kitchen for his / her particular application.

Each stage needs to be considered carefully.

Progressing on from the initial enquiry, often the next stage is the application of the ‘Dine by Design’ 10 step design process as a means of determining the best layout when referring to a specific requirement. As we progress step by step together, your wishes are taken into account by one of our experienced Project Advisors. One of the most important steps is the “Flow Plan” where we carefully discuss developing the best flows within your particular kitchen area. The avoidance of any risk of food contamination is obviously of prime importance. Other items that are examined are food storage areas, cooking locations, ‘plating up’ areas and ‘out of service’ points.

When a final decision has been made as to the most suitable design of the kitchen, the following stage, after placing the order, is to arrange the planning and ordering of all the necessary items that will be assembled to make up your new or refurbished Commercial Kitchen.

Our team includes various people that have been working within the Commercial Kitchen market as chefs and catering managers. This obviously helps when it comes to the practical design workings of the kitchen, and when planning and advising you along the way.

Since our conception a decade ago, we have worked with many sectors of the food industry. These include food production and contract caterers to pubs, cafés, hotel and restaurant groups, leisure facilities, corporate headquarters, universities, schools and hospitals.

Our full Turnkey Project solution can incorporate building alterations to your kitchen space, shop fitting works to both front and back of house, electrical & plumbing works including gas services, hygienic wall cladding, stainless steel wall cladding, suspended ceilings, non slip safety kitchen flooring, joinery works and decorations.

By combining all elements of your Commercial Kitchen Project into one package, we at ‘Dine by Design’, along with our ‘DineForce’ team, will ensure that your project is completed seamlessly, with all elements integrated, giving you a highly effective kitchen space, on time, and on budget.

With our many satisfied clients, we can offer you a wide range of testimonials that will give a good indication of the scope of work we are able to undertake successfully.

Why not call one of our experienced team to discuss your project.

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