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At Dine By Design, we specialise in commercial kitchen design.  As experienced kitchen designers, we can help to provide you with a top class, quality kitchen environment that will assist you to make the most of your catering operation.

The first stage of any kitchen refurbishment or modification is determining the DESIGN.

Our 10 step design process

1.Planning Permission

If you are embarking on a new adventure of opening a new catering kitchen you will require planning permission for a change of use application.

2. Kitchen Type

Fine dining, bistro, banquet, regeneration etc? Whether your commercial kitchen will be intended for a large, busy restaurant environment or a small school or care home, we at Dine By Design will match your kitchen design plans to best suit the purpose of your kitchen project.

3. Kitchen Area

With the space in your allocated area for the commercial kitchen, important things to plan around are the service points within the area (gas, electric and water). Also looking at storage and preparation spaces to create a good flow of works.

4. Services

This point is a vital part of the planning stage within your design we look at what energy sources are currently available and if need be can be brought in.

5. Capitol Distribution

As like many things we buy, a commercial kitchen has a wide range of options which can significantly increase the cost.  Our team can offer expert advice on which product solution is best suited to your specific requirement and space.

6. Equipment Requirements

gas, electric, duty, brand, budget, green?

  • What energy source have we got available for running your catering equipment?
  • Has the kitchen got 3 phase available or are you tied to gas?
  • What equipment pieces do you require to complete your menu?

7. Ventilation/ Fire Suppression Requirements

All of the points above are taken into account to specify the most cost effective system, whether you are in need of a wall, island or condense canopy. Fire suppression can be a consideration when designing your extraction system. A variety of systems can be beneficial to your set up.

8. Flow Plan 

We follow a process to make sure service in your kitchen will run as smoothly as it possibly can. The space shall be designed so that there is a continuous progression of food from delivery to storage, through to preparation and the finished product, avoiding cross contamination.

9. Compliance with Legislation 

Working to meet all health and safety legislation and law, you can be reassured that your workforce is also safeguarded from risks and hazards; after all, your business needs them to function in a safe environment.

10. CAD Drawings Production 

Using all of the above to create a CAD drawing for installation purposes. This will include all new service locations and equipment specifications.

If you are thinking of having a commercial kitchen designed and installed, modified or upgraded or you are wanting to take advantage of our other services, please feel free to talk to us and we will see how we can help to make the most of your budget.  Get in touch with Dine By Design on 01604 926 003 today or complete the call back request and we will contact you at your convenience.

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