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What type of extraction canopy do I need and how can we get the correct system specified?

We design a whole host of different types of commercial kitchen extraction canopies systems which cater for a wide range of requirements. Depending on different kitchen layouts, sizes of kitchens, planning issues governed by your council, environmental  health officer stipulations etc and the list goes on.

The design element of the extraction system is broken down into three parts; the canopy, duct and fans. When designing and making your canopy we take many factors in to account.

We aim to resolve your issues in the most cost effective way. Below are some examples of our canopy ranges: –

Wall-style canopies 

Cover a line of cooking appliances that back on to a wall, or L – shaped to fit over two walls for two cook lines. With all wall canopies, stainless steel wall cladding is fitted below to make your kitchen easy to maintain and clean in guidance with your EHO.

Island-style extraction canopies

Our island canopies cover cooking appliances that are in the centre of the kitchen and can be single or double sided. These can also be supported from the roof to maximise floor space.

Vented ceilings

We can offer fully demount-able ventilated ceiling systems that provide a clean line of sight within the kitchen. The fully maintained system is easily reconfigured to allow for modifications of cooking equipment layouts.

Condense canopies

These canopies are not allowed above cook lines. They are mainly used with high steam producing equipment, such as boilers or dishwashers; require smaller extraction units above them. With these units it minimises dirt on ceilings and also water damage to walls and ceilings.

Canopy PictureDSC_8170

Extraction ducting 

The duct is a major point of the system. If the duct is not right then it can affect the performance greatly. We can create ducts that match any needs of a building, tall, small, curved or straight, tailoring it exactly to your needs.

Extract and air intake fans

The fans are calculated through a range of technical calculations relating to the catering equipment and kitchen space in mind. If the canopy is mounted above gas equipment it will also have to incorporate a mechanical air intake fan so your system is compliant.

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Why do I need an extraction canopy?

The extraction canopy helps to remove the heat, steam, smoke, food odours and gas fumes produced by the cooking process.

What size canopy do I need?

Unless restricted by walls the plan dimensions of the canopy should always exceed the plan dimensions of the equipment by a minimum of 250mm on each side and to the front and rear. For steamers or combi ovens it is recommended that you allow 600mm to cope with the amount of steam released when the doors are opened.

What is a condense canopy?

Ideal for use over dishwashers and electric combination ovens it removes excess steam from the work environment. Condense canopies require no power supply.

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