Hot Cupboards

What do I need to keep my cooked food warm?

So you’ve got a fabulous menu, you’ve cooked the delicious food, now you need to keep it warm before serving to your customers.

An imperative part of the food service is ensuring that the food you cook, stays as you cooked it. Dine By Design can assist you in choosing the right equipment to keep and hold your food.

There are many variations of equipment that keep your food warm.  Depending on your set-up, you need to look at what piece would best suit your needs.  For example, are you displaying your food front of house or as an open kitchen or is it purely to hold and keep food warm ready to serve? There is one to suit every situation. Short on space? – All hot cupboards can be fabricated to specification if standard sizing is not an option.

Choosing the right hot cupboard

From heavy duty hot cupboards for the larger, busier commercial kitchens, small hot cupboards which are ideal for use as plate warmers, low level hot cupboards which are ideal for school kitchens as food is displayed and can be chosen by pupils, to upright hot cupboards that are suited to catering trailers and smaller commercial kitchens to optimise the space available.  There are a number of considerations to help decide which is right for your establishment:

  • Heat-up times: make sure the hot cupboard is up to the job. Chose a unit that will heat up fast and recover temperature quickly after the door is opened. A forced-air heating and recirculation system should guarantee hot cupboards stay hot.
  • Hot spots: it is vital that the temperature is distributed evenly through the hot cupboard otherwise food can over cook, or may become unsafe to eat. Check that there are no hot or cool ‘spots’ – in our models the special shelf design, combined with the forced-air system, ensures uniform temperatures.
  • Energy saving: everyone worries about energy consumption, so we check the unit’s running costs. How effective is the insulation? How efficient is the heat-up system?
  • Mobile or fixed? Most manufacturers offer a choice of mobile or fixed units. Mobile units can be locked in place and offer more flexibility in the long run.
  • Mobility: mobile units need to be as easy to move as possible. Check for swivel (and lockable) castors and manoeuvring handles. Is it robust enough? Hot cupboards, especially mobile units, are likely to have a tough life.
  • Ease of use: make sure the hot cupboard runs off a 13 Amp supply.
  • ‘Clean-ability’: a stainless steel interior and removable doors and shelving will make cleaning simpler.

Contact Dine By Design to discuss your requirements for hot cupboards or alternatively, complete the call-back request and we will call you back at a time convenient to you.

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