It's not just a sink, location is key!!

Dine By Design offer a full range of commercial kitchen stainless steel sinks as well as custom fabricated stainless steel sinks to suit all needs and ensure you are meeting all food safety and hygiene standards.

Location is everything

It is required that every commercial kitchen needs adequate hand washing and dish washing facilities readily available to its employees. You cannot use the same sink to wash food as you do to wash the dishes due to the possible contamination implications, so ensure your hand sink is placed near or immediately by toilets, and easily accessible to staff in food preparation and dish washing areas.

Getting the numbers right

As trivial as it seems, choosing the right commercial sink is a vital part of the kitchen equipping process and it can be a difficult process! It must be of sufficient size to cope with the items which need to be cleaned throughout the day.  Finding the perfect sink or one that fits can be hard, that’s why Dine By Design can offer a fabrication solution to your commercial kitchen sink needs to meet your exact requirements.  Sinks are an essential contribution to the efficiency and cleanliness of your commercial kitchen, so make sure you invest in additional hand sinks along with your primary dishwashing sink for prepping and cleaning wares to ensure you maintain food safety standards.



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