The cherry on the cake

At Dine By Design we specialise in commercial kitchen installations.  As experienced catering equipment fitters, we can help to provide you with a top class, quality kitchen installation that will assist you to make the most of your catering operation.  Next Step: Custom Fabrication

The installation stage of a kitchen is what gives you the cherry on the cake..

1. Catering equipment fitters

We at Dine By Design are proud of our team of qualified and experienced commercial kitchen installation engineers that ensure each kitchen is installed to the highest standard possible. Our catering equipment fitters are constantly updated through training by many major catering manufacturers to ensure all equipment is installed to their agreed specification, maximising the life time of the equipment and keeping its running costs to a minimum. All installations comply with the legislation that is required within the commercial kitchen space.

Our attention to detail has gained us a fantastic reputation within the catering industry from architects, building contractors, electrical and mechanical engineers and more. By using Dine By Design, not only will you get a committed and highly experienced team to install your commercial kitchen, you will also get our ongoing commitment to looking after your kitchen once the installation has been completed.

2. Gas Safety 

When installing or upgrading your commercial kitchen we will advise and install the correct specified gas pipework to accommodate your equipment. When equipment is changed we will calculate the correct pipework to give you the required gas flow.

3. Kitchen Building Alterations

When thinking of creating a new commercial kitchen or altering structural changes, Dine By Design can incorporate the kitchen building alterations you require.

As these are just words, we have many case studies of clients that can confirm this for you which we are more than happy for you to contact.

We also include the following with all our installations:

  • Catering equipment training from the manufacture.
  • Demonstration chefs programming menus in combination ovens to help you get started.
  • After sales service and maintenance

If you are looking for an exceptional team of catering equipment installers please contact us at Dine By Design today on 01604 926 003, or alternatively fill in a call back request form and we will call you at the most convenient time for you.


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